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Austin Slim Fold Wallet 2.0 - Black

The Austin slim fold wallet was designed to maximize card storage while keeping unnecessary clutter out of your pocket. Hand crafted from durable English bridle leather, this wallet is equipped with a total of 4 card slots, and a folding money clip. 

** Wallets are made to order. Orders usually ship within 15-20 business days **

  • Stitched by Hand
  • Holds 15+ Cards
  • 4 easy access card slots
  • Matte Nickle, black, or brass folding money clip
  • Crafted from Italian leather
  • Designed, crafted and stitched by hand in the USA
  • Over engineered and overbuilt to last
  • Includes gift box
  • Front: Window etched with Lamb Head
  • Inside: Etched with Lamb Crafted and Lamb Heads
  • Back: Bare or Monogrammed 
  • 4.6” x 2.9”
Black - Black
Black - Blue
Black - Lime
Black - Pink
Black - Purple
Black - Orange
Black - Red